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cheng brothers empress wu- Tang Dynasty 625-705. Originally emperor taizong’s concubine. POSSIBLY after taizong died, by custom, she entered a Buddhist nunnery. Shortly afterwards she was brought back into the palace by gaozong (taizong’s son) she became one of gaozong’s concubines, which was shocking since she was also his father’s concubine. Then she got promoted to the highest concubine after the empress, later she became the empress. She had the ex empress and concubines tortured and executed. After gaozong died she ruled both behind the scene and upfront, first woman empress and first to sit on the Dragon Throne. Ruled for about 45 years all together emperor Huizong- Song Dynasty November 2 , 1082 June 4 , 1135 . Loved arts, calligraphy, poetry, paintings. Promoted Daoism and prohibited Buddhism. Since he loved art so much he didn’t focus too much on military. When Jurchens attacked he allied with the Jin. Jurchens were defeat. Jin then attacked Song seeing its weakness in military. First time they didn’t take over Kaifeng but Song agreed to a humiliating treaty. Next time Jin was able to take over Kaifeng and many years of massacre took place. Huizong and his son were exiled to Manchuria where he spent his last 8 years of his life. One of his sons Gaozong (not to be confused w/ empress wu’s gaozong) fled and re-established the song power later on fan Zhongyan- Song Dynasty 989 1052 was a prominent politician and literary figure in Song dynasty China . He was also a strategist and educator. After serving the central government of the state for many years he finally rose to the seat of chancellor over the whole of the Chinese empire. Qingli reforms: higher pay for minor local officials to discourage against corruption, [2] and wider sponsorship programs to ensure that officials were drafted more on the basis of their intellect and character. Literary work: Yueyang Lou, composed on occasion of the reconstruction of Yueyang Lou under the governance of a friend of his five dynasties- was an era of political upheaval in China , beginning in the Tang Dynasty and ending in the Song Dynasty . During this period, five dynasties quickly succeeded one another in the north, and more than 12 independent states were established, mainly in the south. However, only ten are traditionally listed, hence the era's name, "Ten Kingdoms." Some historians, such as Bo Yang , count 11, including Yan and Qi , but not Northern Han , viewing it as simply a continuation of Later Han. The Five Dynasties:
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HSTAS 452 Notes 2 - cheng brothers empress wu- Tang Dynasty...

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