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Chinese history 452 essay - Calvin Wu 0728948 Chinese...

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Calvin Wu 0728948 Chinese History HSTAS 452 Various Historian Outlooks on Chinese History “Different strokes for different folks” as some would say. Modern historians who analyze the vast history of Chinese all take different approaches when trying to decipher the true meaning behind aspects of, for example, the teachings of Confucius or the proper translation of the word qi. For the most part, historians strive to be as factual and unbiased as possible; however, there will always be ones who input their own “flavor” when writing their take on Chinese history due to the fact that there will always be a lack of evidence thus leaving room for personal interpretation. This inevitable ambiguity causes many questions to the “word for word” preciseness of the facts. The lack and inconsistencies of evidence provided by history make it difficult for western historians to take a definite approach when analyzing the vast history of China. It is because western historians do not fully grasp the aspect of Chinese culture is why many historian views differ and portray different views of, for example Buddhism, which introduces question to the how valid the facts said in the articles are. A reader may be studying about Buddhism from a textbook that gives him or her factual information while concurrently reading an article with a historian writing about his thoughts of the influences Buddhism had on the Chinese population making it difficult for the reader to digest the information. There are some parts of Chinese history that just cannot be cited as facts but interpreted “through scattered
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references [of] religious experts” (Barrett 142). “Many pre-Han and Han literature passed through the hands of men who were influenced” (Barrett 142) one way or another showing that many historians write their version of Chinese history when there is not actual evidence supporting the argument but just assumptions. These assumptions can be solely on the fact that the historians are looking at Chinese history with a western point of view. Without having gone through and knowing the culture of past, many historians equipped with western views find it difficult to analyze and puzzle out what actually happened. That is why many historians use the
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Chinese history 452 essay - Calvin Wu 0728948 Chinese...

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