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whentheleveesbrokeresponsesp3A - Calvin Wu English 131 A4...

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Calvin Wu English 131 A4 SP3 The Truths of an American Tragedy. The two days Hurricane Katrina came left the beautiful city of New Orleans in ruins. With much of the public shielded to the complete truth of what this Hurricane did to many people and families, Spike Lee directs his documentary, “When the Levees Broke; A Requiem In Four Acts”, to show America the blunt truth of what exactly happened in New Orleans. His vivid portrayals of the devastation caused by Katrina give America a sense of the hardships each person had to go through. Spike Lee gives his viewers a holistic view of the situation ranging from science to politics, cultural backgrounds to social backgrounds, individual survival to family deaths, etc. His documentary gave blind Americans a taste of the reality that happened in New Orleans minus all the intermediates through his powerful interviews and commentary. The American media can only show so much on television, but in Spike Lee’s documentary, Lee was able to show his audience the “film truth” that was behind Katrina. Lee brought the society to see the truth. Like many of the Lee’s films, he explored common themes
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