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Judging from what Marjane went through as a innocent child, I would expect propaganda to take much effect onto the Iranian society. There was a lot of propaganda at the time during the Iran-Iraq war. Iranian news constantly was reporting that only ten Iraqi planes had been shot down. Compared to the amount years the war was, ten planes is nothing. Propaganda was a way of the Iranian government to brainwash its people into supporting the war and making it look like Iran was putting up a fight. Truthfully, the Iraqi air force was as large as the U.S air force if not larger. Here is an example of Iranian propaganda: http://origin.www.spike.com/video/2685120 from Spike TV. The author does a great job in portraying the true life as an Iranian despite all the propaganda. In pages 26 to 28 on the PDF file, Satrapi portrays Marjane walking in on her grandma changing. Marjane asks her grandma about grandpa’s whereabouts. Grandma starts to explain to Marjane all the history behind his disappearance and that she lived in hardship when the Shah took everything. What interested
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