Module 8 - Module 8 Infancy Childhood Physical Development...

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I Physical Development A. Brain Development 1 When in mother’s womb, body was forming nerve cells at rate of ¼ million per minute 2 From 3-6, brains neural network is sprouting most rapidly in formal lobes rational planning 3 Maturation biological growth processes that enable orderly changes in behavior, relatively uninfluenced by experience 1 Lack of neural connections helps explain why earliest memories seldom predate our 3 rd birthdays average age of earliest consciousness is 3.5 C. Motor Development 1 Developing brain enables physical coordination 2 As infant’s muscles & nervous system mature, more complicated skills emerge sequence is universal 3 Genes play major role identical twins begin sitting up & walking on nearly same day 4 Biological maturation, including rapid development of cerebellum at back of brain creates readiness to learn walking at age 1 II Cognitive Development A. Jean Piaget developmental psychologist 1 Child’s mind is NOT miniature model of adult’s revolutionized understanding of children’s minds 2 Believed that a child’s mind develops through series of stages, in an upward march from newborns’ simple reflexes to adults’ abstract reasoning power 3 Felt that driving force behind intellectual progression is unceasing struggle to make sense of our experience children are active thinkers, constantly trying to construct more advanced understandings of the world 4 Schemas
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Module 8 - Module 8 Infancy Childhood Physical Development...

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