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Hist156 Study Guide

Hist156 Study Guide - Hist156 Study Guide I II III Early...

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Hist156 Study Guide I. Early America a. Consisted of hunter gatherers from Asia b. Spain first to go to America, conquistadors financed by Ferdinand and Isabel, “Gold, Glory, God”, 15 th century i. Christopher Columbus in Bahamas ii. Ponce de Leon in Florida iii. Balboa in Panama c. Britain in these years i. Protestant Movement 1. Martin Luther, 95 theses, Lutheranism 2. Henry 8, leaves Catholic Church, “Church of England” ii. Defeat Spain with Holland iii. Mercantilism grows, desire for foreign trade, money from elsewhere II. Britain a. Mercantilism i. Colonies would bolster economy of the mother land ii. Seize north atlantic trade from dutch 1. anglo dutch wars 2. navigation act = excluded dutch merchants from English colonies iii. shift from mercantilism to imperial dominion 1. james 2 puts colonies under royal control, absolutist rule iv. try to rule south atlantic trade to west indies, sugar = very lucrative v. slave trade b. Glorious Revolution i. King William and queen mary rule through a bloody series of events ii. Colonies become more important, regulation of trade iii. Break up the imperial dominion c. Salutary neglect i. Allows colonies to run themselves in a sense d. Through B and C, britains control over colonies is weakened e. Seven Years War f. Industrial revolution III. Colonies a. Reasons for immigrating i. Religious persecution 1. catholic persecution in England 2. Puritanism ii. Enclosures at home 1. Passed by Parliament 2. forced people out of their lands
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3. no where to go and no means to survive iii. flee economic hardship iv. were told of the greatnesses of the colonies v. many became indentured servants in order to get passage to the colonies b. Example of colonies i. Virginia (English) 1. Jamestown 2. commerce, no gold but fertile land, tobacco is lucrative 3. problems arose a.
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Hist156 Study Guide - Hist156 Study Guide I II III Early...

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