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Annotated Bibliography “Animal Testing and Preclinical Development.” LC-GC North America 6 (2005). 6 Nov. 2005. <> The author of this article provides an in depth process of preclinical testing, that is testing done before testing the product on humans. These tests consist of in vivo animal testing and in vitro human and animal cell testing. The author continues describing the importance of this process saying, if it were not done, millions would be wasted on human lives. Also, the author provides the fact that it may be viewed as unethical to some but insists that it must be done in order to benefit the lives of humans. Archibald, Kathy “Animal Testing: Science or Fiction.” Ecologist 4 (2005). 5 Nov. 2005. <>. Archibald’s article provides many examples of misleading animal experiments involving drugs. She states that 100s of drugs that tested safe in animals have had adverse side effects when taken by humans. She provides many statistics for the aforementioned drugs, giving their names, side effects, and year of removal. She then goes into the history of animal experimentation and the four basic steps of drug testing. Aronauer, Rebecca “Animal-Rights Groups Demand Punishment for LSU Over Lab Animals’ Death.” Chronicle of Higher Education 6 (2005). 6 Nov. 2005. <> In this article, Aronauer discusses how LSU stopped caring for their animals, thus treated them cruelly. This breaks one of the regulatory laws involving animal experimentation, so animal rights activists quickly notifying officials, seeking retribution “Are Slimming Products Effective?” Asia Pacific Biotech News 20 (2004). 5 Nov. 2005. <> This article provides an example of animal testing used to prove that some slimming products do not work. Test mice were given nine different diet products and showed no end weight differences. This supplies evidence that many of the diet pills are scams today, which the Health Ministry warns consumers. This successful use of animal experimentation provides a look into the capability of it. Festing, Simon “Animal Research.” Ecologist 9 (2003). 6 Nov. 2005. <>. This article is a debate between the two sides of animal testing, Festing is pro testing while Ray is anti-testing. Simon Festing argues that animal testing is a critical part of scientific testing. He points out that it is required that new medicines be tested on animals before being distributed to humans for further testing. He also argues that animal research has already played an important role in scientific research for drugs, antibiotics and even drug transfusions, and with more detrimental diseases claiming
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annotated Bibliography - Annotated Bibliography...

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