ch 1 - • Shopping Shirnking middle income consumers o...

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Chapter 1: Marketing Concept o The appropriate way to conduct business o Organization should satisfy consumer needs and want to make profits. o To implement organizations must understand customers and provide goods and services that consuers will use and purchase appropriately o Can increase product quality and reduce costs o Reasons for implementation Success from providing value-laden products Increase of consumer and marketing research Internet as a marketing tool Consumer Behavior o The dynamic interaction of affect and cognition, behavior, and environment o Dynamic and involves exchanges and interactions Thinking feelings and actinos of individual consumers is constantly changing o Dynamic Shorter life cycles mean constant innovation for superior value New products New versions New brands New strategies o Interactions What do products mean to the consumer Thinking, Feelings Actions Environment What must consumers do to purchase and use What influences Shopping Purchase
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Unformatted text preview: • Shopping Shirnking middle income consumers o Exchanges Formulating and implementing marketing strategies Consumer behavior research o Approaches Interpretive approach • Cultural anthropology • Understanding consumption and its meanings • Long interviews and focus groups Traditional • Psychology and Sociology • Explain consumer decision making and behavior • Experiments and surveys Marketing Science • Econmics/Statistics • Predict consumer choice and behavior • Math-modeling and simulation o Uses Marketing organizations • Marketing strategies Government and political irganizations • Development of public policies Consumers • Consumer activities o Role in Marketing Startegy Design implementation and control of a plan to influence exchanges to achieve organizational objectives Increase consumers favorable thoughts Reasons why consumers choose competitions...
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ch 1 - • Shopping Shirnking middle income consumers o...

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