Module 10 - Module 10 Adulthood and Reflections on...

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Module 10: Adulthood and Reflections on Developmental Issues I Physical Development A. Physical Changes in Middle Adulthood 1 Changes may psychological responses, which vary depending on how one views growing older 2 Eastern cultures respect & power come with age outward signs of advancing years are accepted and even welcomed 3 Western cultures perceived ideal is smooth skin and a slim torso wrinkles & bulges that frequently accompany middle age can threaten self esteem 4 Nature will not be denied 5 Women menopause the time of natural cessation of menstruation; also refers to biological changes a woman experiences as her ability to reproduce declines age of 50 6 Men experience no equivalent no cessation of fertility, no sharp drop in hormones more gradual decline in sperm count & drop in testosterone & II Physical Changes Later in Life A. Life Expectancy 1 Males are more prone to dying than women 2 Increasing life expectancy 3 Once we’ve fulfilled our gene-reproducing task, there are no natural selection pressures against genes that cause degeneration later in life B. Sensory Abilities 1 Visual sharpness diminishes, adaptation to changes in light levels slows 2 Muscle strength, reaction time, & stamina diminish, as do hearing, distance perception, and the sense of smell 3 With age, eye’s pupil shrinks & lens becomes less transparent, reducing amount of light to retina C. Health 1 As we grow older: a Body’s disease fighting immune system weakens, making us more susceptible to life-threatening ailments b Lifetime’s accumulation of antibodies makes us suffer less from short-
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Module 10 - Module 10 Adulthood and Reflections on...

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