Theatrical Hierarchal Chart - Director Jack O'Brien...

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Director Jack O'Brien Responsibilities : The director is the key figure in a theatrical production, coordinating everything from the casting, through rehearsals, to the final performance. Directors are responsible for the artistic interpretation of the play and the technical coordination. If it's a new play they may also spend a lot of time working with the playwright on the script and with the designer to create an overall look and feel. On larger productions they may also work with choreographers, musical directors and fight arrangers. Biography: Date of Birth: June 18 Place of Birth: Saginaw, MI Occupation: Director, Writer, Lyricist Education: University of Michigan Broadway Debut: 1967 You Can’t Take It With You O'Brien has been the Artistic Director of the Old Globe Theatres since 1981 and has gained critical praise and notoriety for his most recent directing projects: The Full Monty , Hairspray and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels . Actors Actors and actresses employ a variety of techniques that are learned through training and experience. Some of these are: 1. The rigorous use of the voice to communicate a character's lines and express emotion. This is achieved through attention to diction and projection through correct breathing and articulation. It is also achieved through the tone and emphasis that an actor puts on words 2. Physicalisation of a role in order to create a believable character
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Theatrical Hierarchal Chart - Director Jack O'Brien...

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