Technology, the New Marijuana

Technology, the New Marijuana - Seymour 1 Kyle Seymour EN...

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Seymour 1 Kyle Seymour EN 1311 12-14-2007 Professor Delgado Technology, the New Marijuana The great American essayist, Henry David Thoreau, once stated that in order to better appreciate our lives we must, “simplify, simplify” (Thoreau). Technology has long been praised as the answer to uncomplicating our lives. There once was a time when students had to spend hours in musty libraries, tediously pouring over books and journals to research topics for assignments. Now, all the same information can be found at the click of a mouse. In order get a message to someone, we used to have to write it down on paper and mail it, an idea that seems rather archaic in these modern times filled with e- mail and text messaging. We use technology under the pretense that it makes our lives easier and more convenient, but at what cost? Our dependence on technology is creating a more uncreative and unproductive society. Although technology does essentially make our lives easier, it also has the unseen side effect of making us lazy. We use elevators and escalators instead of stairs. We drive to places we could walk. We shop online. We spend countless hours watching TV. A new argument that has arisen is our dependence on calculators. Recently, the production of relatively inexpensive calculators with sophisticated math functions has reduced our need to possess basic math skills. Years of math theory can be simplified down to a few keystrokes. We must ask ourselves though, just because we can, should we? Many leaders in education ask teachers to take full advantage of technology. However, many teachers agree that calculators have already ruined a generation of students (Usiskin).
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Seymour 2 Less than ten years ago, high school students were expected to be able to perform
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Technology, the New Marijuana - Seymour 1 Kyle Seymour EN...

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