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K Seymour 1 Kyle Seymour EN 1311 11-14-07 Professor Delgado The Israeli Bias in American Media On November 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted 33 to 13, in favor that creation of the State of Israel. Over the course of forty-eight years, hundreds of thousands of Jews migrated to the new state of Israel, quickly replacing the native Arab population that had been living in the region for centuries (“Formation”). Since then the Jewish and Arab people have been violently feuding over the rightful owners of the region. The Jews believe that they are the chosen people, and that the area has been promised to them by God. To them they are simply returning home. Contrarily, the Arab people have been living there for countless generations. Their temples, businesses and homes reside on the land that is not rightfully theirs . Regardless of who should be the rightful heir of the land of Israel, one fact is unarguable, the U.S. media is definitely biased in favor of the nation of Israel. The Israeli occupation of Palestine is eerily similar to the English settler’s treatment of the Native Americans. The Native Americans had been living in America for centuries and had established villages before the eastern world had even conceived of the possibility of moving west. The colonists “discovered” the new world and began to populate the Americas, quickly outnumbering the Native Americans. Although the Indians allowed, and even helped the colonists create towns and outposts, they eventually rebelled when they felt that the colonists were beginning to impose too much authority on them. The colonists had advanced weaponry for the time period, just like the Israeli
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K Seymour 2 government in comparison to the Palestinians. The Native Americans fought back using guerrilla tactics, mirroring the Arabs use of bombs and cheap weaponry. In retrospect, the occupation of Native American territories by the settlers is viewed as both atrocious and unfair. The Israel occupation of Palestine almost exactly correlates with the colonist’s occupation of America. So why do most American’s feel such sympathy for Israel’s plight, but almost none whatsoever for the Palestinians? In a survey performed by the Pew Center for the People and the Press, the general reactions of
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Paper #3 - K Seymour 1 Kyle Seymour EN 1311 11-14-07...

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