Understanding Politics - Kyle Seymour PO-1314 Understanding...

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Kyle Seymour Seymour 1 PO-1314 Understanding Politics Test #1 Essay Topic 1- Current Policy Issues From Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth , and the million dollar block buster Day After Tomorrow , to hundreds of organizations popping up all over the nation, it is hard to ignore the argument of Global Warming, whether or not you agree with the evidence. A large number of scientific organizations all over the world are investigating the implications of a worldwide warming trend, and most agree that if Global warming is affecting us, it is more than likely a result of humans’ influence on the environment. Much of America has some opinion on the issue of Global Warming, whether in support of existence, or refutation of the idea. The idea of Global Warming caused by our industrial emissions gained so much attention, it was addressed with the international policy known as the Kyoto Protocol. The 1997 Kyoto Protocol is an international treaty which calls on governments to bring emissions down to below 5.2% by 2012. Over a hundred nations have signed on, but neither Clinton nor Bush ever brought the treaty to the Senate for approval. Bush is unlikely to change his mind as he says the economic impacts would be too great and that more research is needed. Kyoto officially went into effect February 2005. World leaders are now beginning to think about what will come after Kyoto when it expires in 2012, with the US agreeing to participate in separate non-binding talks. (Issue Guide)
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Understanding Politics - Kyle Seymour PO-1314 Understanding...

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