Cultural Values

Cultural Values - • Focused on family, “softer”, High...

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MKTG 371 2/18/08 Hofstede Values Run from 0-100 Started with no hypothesis Factor analysis shows four main factors explaining 49% of the variances Cluster analysis- running values across each other Measurement of 120000 respondents in 70 countries, IBM Values o Power distance (high= titles low=first names) PDI Automatic authority of position o Individualism vs. Collectivism High PDI tends to correlate with collectiveness Anamolies: Japan, Costa Rica(high pdi , high individualistic), Israel (low pdi high collectiveness) Group needs come first o Masculinity vs. Femininity China is middle High Fem- Scandinavia. Netherlands. France. Portugal. Thailand
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Unformatted text preview: • Focused on family, “softer”, High Masc- Most cultures. Japan is the most masc • Highly competitive, very structured o Uncertainty Avoidance High- Grece • They want to know everything. • Right until wrong • Clean • Strong coffee • speed Low- China • Eh, what happens, happens • Adaptable Lower than 33 higher than 66 gives you significant Values don’t really change over time. Masculine and femininity changes differently Measuring Cultural Content Value measurement o Rokeach o Yanklovich Monitor o VALS o Hofstede Content Analysis Ethnographic Studies...
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Cultural Values - • Focused on family, “softer”, High...

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