INTL4680_Sep11t - • Children in war o Increases...

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Tuesday 11 September 2007 INTL 4680 Civil Wars Root Causes of Civil Wars Ideology o English Civil War White, Catholic, related to each other but different political entities o Irish Civil War o American Civil War War created new identity for people on either side of the conflict Ethnicity o Civil War in the midst of ethno-nationalist conflict Religion o Hamas vs. FATA Resources o Economic rationale o Territory is divisible (ex: dollar torn in half) Tribal Associations o Civil War in the Somalia Colonization Approaches British o Hands-off, middle men o Provision of infrastructures (kings, tribes) French o Integration (teaching French) o Educational opportunities Long-term Effects of Colonialism
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Unformatted text preview: • Children in war o Increases likelihood that they will engage in violence o Dura – poster child for Israeli vs. Palestinian violence • War and the spread of disease o Corpses buried too close to water or not deep enough o Women had no jobs so they became sex workers o World Health Organization – babies aren’t weaned for 2 years Other women in the village slept with husbands during the 2 years o Female Genital Mutilation Anal sex becomes more widely used • Refugees flee to refugee camps o Rwandan refugees and Congolese civilians targeted by RPA in Congo Genocide • Germany • Rwanda • Bosnia...
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INTL4680_Sep11t - • Children in war o Increases...

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