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Tuesday 2 October 2007 INTL 4680 Historical Development of Suicide Terrorism Strategies, Tactics, Motives, and Lessons Objectives of Terrorism Limited. Either to force a government to change a policy or rescind a law or to coerce individuals into ceasing behavior deemed objectionable. Limited but more ambitious Suicide Bombing Usually Second Iteration of Conflict Rational and Responsive o Respond to public reactions Used in conjunction with other tactics o Rarely used in isolation May lead to outbidding or competition or competition among groups and factions o Outbidding – when you have competition, different groups compete for additional voters; you’re looking for the average voter but want to capture the vote of people on the fence Eventually may lead to a backlash effect where you will lose the people in the middle Suicide Bombing begins in Lebanon o October 23, 1983 car bomb o 241 Marines killed o VBIED Dying to Kill: the Allure of Suicide Terror Suicide Terror occurs under two conditions: when other terrorist or military tactics fail, and when they are in competition with other terrorist groups for popular/financial support.
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INTL4680_Oct02t - Tuesday 2 October 2007 INTL 4680...

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