INTL4680_Nov01r - o Modernizing without adopting...

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Thursday 01 November 2007 INTL 4680 Huntington Stability Culture Differentiating Countries Consensus, community, legitimacy, organization, effectiveness, stability Purpose – develop a general social science theory to determine order Stability (not democracy) is the end goal o As order decreases, levels of democracy decreases Enlightenment can lead to liberty and prosperity but also corruption (because of the institution) Our zeal for democratic reform abroad is misguided Elements of culture (language and religion) o Different cultures have different levels of satisfaction depending on their economies o Constantly dissatisfied cultures tend to have unproductive economies Making culture more accepting of westernization
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Unformatted text preview: o Modernizing without adopting westernization • Islam – because of lack of personal responsibility • Economic development o Why are some countries able to flourish but others not? o In first stages, authoritarian structures can be good to stabilize the society o Economic development is going to depend on cultural infinity • Political development • • 7-8 major civilizations o Western, Orthodox, Chinese, Japanese, Muslim, Hindu, Latin American, African o Civilization clashes will be intense and inevitable • 4 th Issue – Conflict among ethnic groups is pervasive o Fault lines are likely to be between Muslims and non-Muslims •...
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INTL4680_Nov01r - o Modernizing without adopting...

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