Module 15 - Module 15 – Perceptual Organization I...

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Module 15 – Perceptual Organization I Perceptual Illusions A. Visual capture tendency for vision to dominate other senses B. Prisms distort reality capture senses II Organizational principles A. Gestalt an organized whole, Gestalt psychologists emphasize our tendency to integrate pieces of information into meaningful wholes B. Monkey’s cortex has specialized cells that respond to illusory contours C. Form Perception 1 Figure ground organization of visual field that stand out from surroundings 2 Grouping a Grouping the perceptual tendency to organize stimuli into coherent groups b Proximity group nearby figures together c Similarity groups similar figures together d Continuity perceive smooth, continues patters rather than discontinuous ones e Connectedness perceive spots, lines, or areas as a single unit f Closure fill in gaps to create complete, whole objects D. Depth Perception 1 Depth perception ability to see objects in 3 dimensions although the images
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Module 15 - Module 15 – Perceptual Organization I...

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