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INTL4260_Feb14 - o Produces contradictory policies...

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Thursday, 14 February 2008 Realist Arguments Realism allows us to predict state behavior The practice of realism argues that states that don’t pursue an effective foreign policy, because of the pressure, those states suffer Pro-Democracy Argument Democracy is the best kind of political institution to identify and enact effective foreign policies o Goal/preference formation o Accurately seeing/identifying the incentive structure Mass & Duno <?> Argument Democratic Dilemma – democracies are severely restrained in enacting policy o Purpose of democracy is to defuse power The way the US early on dealt with it was the isolation policy o To avoid making mistakes and coming up with foreign policies was to isolate Says leave the foreign policy decisions to the experts/leaders Three Arguments of Nature of Democracy Problems with Congress o Competition for policy
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Unformatted text preview: o Produces contradictory policies Legislatures from districts that have products that companies want to sell that could be used for weapons by terrorists People competing for uses – good for one company, bad for another/security • Problems within the executive branch o Overtime, the bureaucracy has expanded o More influence over policy than they should o Bureaucracies have objectives that may differ from nation’s o Bureaucracies fight with each other, and this paralyzes policy o Bureaucracies take a single policy and separate it • Process of election tends to create a government of strangers o Political appointees o New people have to learn the jobs/policies • Interest groups in the media o Anybody can lobby the government o Foreign governments lobbying here o Free and open media...
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INTL4260_Feb14 - o Produces contradictory policies...

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