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Tuesday, 26 February 2008 Emotion in Politics Unique to the individual and is important Emotions have been squeezed out of politics Realism – fear Nationalism – pride, fear, hate Liberalism – cooperation, trust Research o Those who have physical damage to the emotion part of their brain, people are incapable of rational calculation o The more uncertainty there is when confronted with a choice, the more energetically activated is the part of the brain that processes emotion When we’re confronting judgments with uncertainty, the emotional part of the brain fills in the uncertainties with emotion o Emotions evolve as a series of support systems so that humans can evolve in a hostile environment Trust allows us to cooperate in small groups Small groups What do realists say can be done about the security dilemma?
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Unformatted text preview: o Nothing. It’s a rational response • Emotions are not fixed o If security dilemma is part of emotions, should be fixed o If it were fixed, we should be concerned about UK’s weapons too Trust, not scared • Findings o The more you trust, the more oxitosen, which makes you willing to give back Trust has a biological foundation o Having people operate under law increases trust and produces second order trust More cooperative actors are ones that have firm laws • Tit-for-tat establishes reputation for both parties for being firm but fair (3,3; 2,2 not 1,4; 4,1) o Realism tells us that cooperation will crumble when interests change o If emotions are part of politics, you can overcome the security dilemma with trust...
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INTL4260_Feb26 - o Nothing. It’s a rational response •...

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