Module 49 - Module 49 Schizophrenia Symptoms of...

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Module 49: Schizophrenia I Symptoms of Schizophrenia a group of severe disorders characterized by disorganized and delusional thinking, disturbed perceptions, and inappropriate emotions and actions A. Disorganized Thinking 1 Delusions false beliefs, often of persecution or grandeur, that may accompany psychotic disorders 2 Believe thoughts result from breakdown in selective attention normally have remarkable capacity for it 3 Difficulty clearing working memory of distracting information and inhibiting irrelevant material easily distracted B. Disturbed Perceptions 1 Hallucinations sensory experiences without sensory stimulation usually auditory 2 Person may hear voices that make insulting statements or give orders 3 Less commonly, people see, feel, taste, or smell things that aren’t there C. Inappropriate Emotions and Actions 1 Emotions split off from reality 2 Become angry for no reason; laugh after hearing news of a death 3 Others lapse into flat affect a zombielike state of apparent apathy 4 Motor behavior = inappropriate may perform senseless, compulsive acts
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Module 49 - Module 49 Schizophrenia Symptoms of...

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