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INTL4280_Apr1 - o No relationship between first elections...

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Tuesday, 1 April 2008 Saidemann et all (2002) Hypothesis/variables o Regime type o Political institutions – young democracies are less likely to experience ethnic conflict than older ones Greater when holding elections Presidential system of government has ethnic conflict than parliamentary o PR lessens the potential for conflict. Plurality increases. o Federal system of government increases protest, decreases rebellion o Control factors – greater than other studies Economic – wealthier countries have less conflict than poor Group differentials – the greater the difference, the more conflict o Economic differentials – if one group is wealthier, more conflict o Political differentials – if one group has more power/representation o Cultural differentials – if that society has cross-cutting cleavages Group concentration (geographical) Findings o Democracies more likely to have conflict than authoritarian systems Groups rebel because they can o Older democracies experience conflict
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Unformatted text preview: o No relationship between first elections and violence o PR lessens potential for conflict o Presidential system has no effect on conflict • Problems – didn’t look at: o Agency o Neglect informal institutions o Nature of transition itself – how did external pressure impact o Hard to argue between Presidential/Parliamentary without electoral system in place Mousseay (2001) • Hypotheses/variables 1. Primordial hypothesis – ethnic identity conflict 2. Democracy as means to conflict resolution 3. High levels of democracy political violence Multiethnic 4. Political change conflict 5. Democratization violence Multiethnic 6. Low/high levels of economic development less violence 7. High levels of economic development increase conflict Multiethnic • Findings 1. Multiethnicity by itself doesn’t impact conflict 2. More democratization, more conflict 3. Multiethnicity does matter • Problems...
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INTL4280_Apr1 - o No relationship between first elections...

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