INTL4280_Apr1 - o No relationship between first elections...

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Tuesday, 1 April 2008 Saidemann et all (2002) Hypothesis/variables o Regime type o Political institutions – young democracies are less likely to experience ethnic conflict than older ones Greater when holding elections Presidential system of government has ethnic conflict than parliamentary o PR lessens the potential for conflict. Plurality increases. o Federal system of government increases protest, decreases rebellion o Control factors – greater than other studies Economic – wealthier countries have less conflict than poor Group differentials – the greater the difference, the more conflict o Economic differentials – if one group is wealthier, more conflict o Political differentials – if one group has more power/representation o Cultural differentials – if that society has cross-cutting cleavages Group concentration (geographical) Findings o Democracies more likely to have conflict than authoritarian systems Groups rebel because they can o Older democracies experience conflict
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Unformatted text preview: o No relationship between first elections and violence o PR lessens potential for conflict o Presidential system has no effect on conflict Problems didnt look at: o Agency o Neglect informal institutions o Nature of transition itself how did external pressure impact o Hard to argue between Presidential/Parliamentary without electoral system in place Mousseay (2001) Hypotheses/variables 1. Primordial hypothesis ethnic identity conflict 2. Democracy as means to conflict resolution 3. High levels of democracy political violence Multiethnic 4. Political change conflict 5. Democratization violence Multiethnic 6. Low/high levels of economic development less violence 7. High levels of economic development increase conflict Multiethnic Findings 1. Multiethnicity by itself doesnt impact conflict 2. More democratization, more conflict 3. Multiethnicity does matter Problems...
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INTL4280_Apr1 - o No relationship between first elections...

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