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Tuesday, 8 April 2008 Crawford Young (1998) – looking at the state of democratization in Africa 1. Independence period (1960s) o Reasons to democratize Mobilize the masses Create political space Became respected o Single party regime Economy controlled by state during post-independence 2. Interwave period (1970s, 1980s) o Patriomial rule – leader rules state without anyone else’s input Leader is patron, has to deliver material rewards to the people Problem: if leader can’t deliver goods, legitimacy drops, calls for change o Neopatrimonialrule – also have patron/client relationship but some democracy Informal institution 3. Late 3 rd wave (1989 ) o Structural Adjustment Programs – austerity programs mandated by IMF, World
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Unformatted text preview: Bank to reduce the role of government in economy Industries had to be privatized, government had to reduce spending Pressure for democratization Chabal & Daloz (2000) Western view of civil society is made up of organizations independent from state control o Counter-hegemonic force against state o African countries should develop strong civil society or democracy will fail State and society are interconnected o Neopatrimonial system strength of leaders depends on ability to give resources Vertical relationships, not horizontal Problems: need to be more flexible with definition of civil society...
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INTL4280_Apr8 - Bank to reduce the role of government in...

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