INTL4280_Feb19 - Tuesday, 19 Februa ry 2008 Sri Lanka...

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Unformatted text preview: Tuesday, 19 Februa ry 2008 Sri Lanka Sinhalese & Tamil Conflict Sinhalese o Sinhalese 70% population of Sri Lanka, primarily Buddhist o Sinhalese Population spread out fairly evenly throughout the island Tamils o Heavily concentrated in the northeastern Sri Lanka o Speak Dravidian language, spoken in India o Stronger ties to India o Primarily Hindu o Local Jaffna Tamils Longer-term residence o Indian Tamils More problems than Jaffna Government took away their citizenship Brought over by the British Sources of conflict o Homeland society (territorialization of memory) Tamils claim they had been there first Tamils were semi-independent under British rule Sinhalese say Buddha told them to conquer the island Sinhalese exaggerate importance of all invasions India made of Sri Lanka to make Tamils look like a threat o Ethno-religious differences Buddhists Sinhalese have a bigger problem with the Hindus than vice versa Tamils are darker skinned o Language differences Swabhasa Movement 1950s push to make the Sinhalese language the national language of Sri Lanka Started before independence from Britain o Historical grievances How the British treated the Sinhalese vs. the Tamils Relative deprivation Sinhalese felt they werent doing as well as...
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This note was uploaded on 04/15/2008 for the course INTL 4280 taught by Professor Mitchell during the Spring '08 term at University of Georgia Athens.

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INTL4280_Feb19 - Tuesday, 19 Februa ry 2008 Sri Lanka...

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