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Tilly: “Violence, Terror, and Politics as Usual” -More collective violence in 20 th Century than any other: 250 new wars. -100 million dead (10 mil WWI, 15 mil in WWII) 4 Points about change in collective violence: 1. Since WWII, civil wars have displaced interstate war as dominant war. 2. Violence among militias, mercenaries, and paramilitaries. 3. Sudden attacks on civilian targets. 4. Struggle for power and profit in ways that overlap with politics of less violent counterparts -Civil wars, guerrilla and separatists’ struggles have divided populations. -DECOLONIZATION after WWII, and end of Cold War: many former Euro colonies moved to military/oligarchic rule -SIPRI Yearbook publishes catalog of world’s largest interstate/civil wars. -Why more violence? -more targets (more states in world) -weaker states -more weapons -external support -financial support -emigrant support -Undemocratic regimes tend to be more vulnerable to violence and insurgency.
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Unformatted text preview: -Most terrorism occurred in 1987.-There was a decline in terrorist attacks after this, but was just a blip in the record, numbers soon grew again.-Between 1980-1990, most terrorism occurred within U.S. interests.-Correlations of misery and conflict arise from tyranny.-Terrorism and profit building often coincide.-hostage taking is very common and is of the most organized.-Collective violence-grievances and struggles for power often intervenes with non-violent politics vary systematically in regimes.-Use of terrorism spreads across wide variety of groups, ideologies, and targets.-Some groups are alternating from conventional to terror tactics.-Terror attacks also occur in midst of larger conflicts -Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and London all had hints of terror.-Understanding the causes of collective violence can help us minimize it....
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