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PS_05 - -Event that fed the country’s growing...

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Reading number 5, Rudolph “Modern hate: How Ancient Animosities Get Invented”, New Republic (1993) - This article is a strong critic of primordialism - Susanne and Lloyd Rudolph are trying to prove that ethnic conflicts anywhere in the world are not the result of “ancient hatreds”, but that they are “made” - Hatreds are “crafted” in print and electronic media, in textbooks and advertising, popular TV shows, campaign strategies etc. - They don’t explicitly mention political entrepreneurs, but they explain how different people who desire power, or classes that feel threatened create identities which become relevant for politics - They strongly oppose the claim that rationality, modernization and democracy reduce ethnic and religious solidarities to harmless dietary differences, they argue that religion is on the rise everywhere - This article examines case of Hindu and Muslims in India
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Unformatted text preview: -Event that fed the country’s growing preoccupation with ancient hatreds (1992), was tearing down a mosque built in the sixteenth century by “Hindu fundamentalists”-S. and L. Rudolph claim that Hindu and Muslims in India lived in peace for centuries in diverse communities, but with new laws that allowed “Backward Classes” (lower classes in cast system) and Muslims certain privileges, higher classes felt threatened and since Muslims were easier target than “Backward Classes”, they created animosities and window of opportunity for Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-By transforming ancient Hindu scripture “Ramayana” into popular TV show in 1987, they created modern hate between recent “neighbors and friends and turned them into foreigners and enemies”...
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