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Internal War- Causes and Cures Explanation for greater interest in internal war in 1990s: 1.) The relative importance of internal war as a form of armed conflict has risen noticeably in recent years Within the number of overall conflicts occurring, internal wars are by far the most common. No one can suggest that these wars are becoming obsolete 2.) Interest has increased because of where they are taking place. -Since Cold War, Europe has experienced greater growth than any other region in the number of domestic conflicts. -Civil war as a “Third World” Phenomenon no longer stands- now on West’s doorstep. 3.) Scholars who once focused on Soviet Union were forced to find a new interest after collapse of Soviet Union. -Problems that have taken its place- genocide, ethnic conflict, human rights abuses- are often driven by internal war. CAUSES of Internal War: NEOREALISM- 1.) All neorealist scholars stress anarchy as the underlying and permissive cause of internal war. (controversial stance among nonrealists) REASONS TO BELIEVE NEOREALISTS: 1.) It is a widely accepted theory for interstate conflicts; one would think it should be for intrastate conflicts as well. -One cannot deviate between domestic and international realms; international system is becoming more ordered while the domestic is becoming more anarchical. 2.) It is very promising in its simplicity - The predictable security dilemma is applied domestically based on a lack of a central government. - This lack of authority fuels suspicions, which fuels war. (Even when not intentioned.) History supports many of neorealism’s claims: based on the rise of internal conflicts in 1960s due to decolonization and the creation of new states from the collapse of the Soviet Union. REASONS NOT TO BELIEVE NEOREALISTS:
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PS_06 - Internal War Causes and Cures Explanation for...

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