PS_12 - Jack Snyder and Robert Jervis: "Civil War and the...

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Jack Snyder and Robert Jervis: “Civil War and the Security Dilemma” - Topic of article: The mixed record of interventions by the international community including partial successes, failures, and in some cases counterproductive interventions suggests an urgent need to extract lessons from these experiences with a view toward developing a better conceptual framework to guide future policy choices. The four cases that comprise the heart of this study: the former Yugoslavia, Somalia, Cambodia, and Rwanda. - Authors examine whether the concept of the security dilemma provides analytical insight into civil wars as well. They define a security dilemma as a situation in which each party’s efforts to increase its own security reduce the security of the others. Behavior under security dilemma is shaped by strategic situation, participant’s perception of that situation, and their expectations of each other’s likely behavior in that situation. The Security Dilemma and Strategies of Intervention in Collapsed States - Three general types of prescription follow from the security-dilemma diagnosis: First, establish a sovereign authority capable of enforcing a hegemonic peace upon all the fearfully contending parties; Second, to devise a situation in which the parties can provide for their own security through strictly defensive measures; Third, for contending parties to lock themselves into an institutional framework that guarantees their mutual self-restraint, once they lay down their weapons. - Such arrangements may be based on either of two principles: delegation to neutral authorities, or balanced power sharing among the interested parties. - Both of these institutional solutions present conundrums from the standpoint of the security dilemma. The
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PS_12 - Jack Snyder and Robert Jervis: "Civil War and the...

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