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Rothchild and Lake “Containing Fear”—PS This article examines “the problem of managing ethnic conflicts.” The authors argue that these conflicts are best managed by state apparatuses (institutions). The article begins with a brief description of the basic catalysts (that are repeated in many of the readings) and atmosphere that can lead to a breakout of ethnic conflict, where international intervention is necessary. Of course, the main determinants of ethnic conflict are info. failures, problems of credible commitment, and the security dilemma (covered in-depth in Ch. 1). The presence of these determinants in the absence of “safeguards, shared norms, and pragmatic perceptions” produces a dangerous environment ripe for ethnic conflict. Yugoslavia is listed briefly as an example of an environment where the above scenario existed (uncertainty and collective fear were manipulated by leaders to spark conflict). The article covers a few things: 1) Confidence-building measures for minorities (reassurances of future security within the state): a) respect b) power sharing c) elections d) regional autonomy and federalism (these last two measures are interrelated) 2) Three types of international intervention (coercive, non-coercive, and third-party mediation) as well as the motivations behind, and the efficacy of these types of “external” interventions. Confidence-building measures purpose —to reassure ethnic peoples of their future A) Demonstrations of Respect --involves the majority power addressing the concerns, fears, and demands of the ethnic minority; in order to pursue future negotiation and peace, the past and the resentments carried with it must be reconciled; “past wrongs should be redressed;” minority uncertainty (about the intentions of the other group) will continue to undermine the peace process and contribute to the security dilemma and the problems of credible commitment if it is not addressed. Show respect!!!
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PS_13 - Rothchild and Lake "Containing Fear"-PS This...

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