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Unformatted text preview: James D. Fearon Commitment Problems and the Spread of Ethnic Conflict The Spread of International Conflict, Chapter 5 ethnic wars and conflict in Eastern Europe is self-limiting under present conditions Western Powers should try to prevent and contain these conflicts b/c of: humanitarian objectives. economic objectives, ideological objectives and to prevent “the success of exclusivist ethnic programs in Eastern Europe which could contribute to the undermining the legitimacy of liberal democratic ‘civic’ notion of citizenship” the media’s view that ethnic violence stems from “ancient hatreds” is wrong; ethnic violence erupts when a commitment problem arises between 2 groups when they lack a third party to “credibly guarantee agreements between them” commitment problems and the internal dynamics of nationalist movements contribute to ethnic violence irredentist projects and ethnic conflicts that do spread in Eastern Europe are unlikely to engage the basic security interests of the Western powers b/c (1) the “pluralistic security community” of Western Europe views...
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