PS_18 - 22 Chaim Kaufmann"Intervention in Ethnic and...

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22. Chaim Kaufmann “Intervention in Ethnic and Ideological Civil Wars: Why One Can Be Done and the Other Can’t” Ideological civil wars Ideological civil wars revolve around the competition between the government and insurgents for the loyalty of the people. Kaufmann also categorizes this as intracommunity conflicts in which disputes are within a single national/religious community and the sides disagree on which personalities, principles, or policies should rule the community (or state). Garnering support and loyalty is flexible, fluid, and a must in winning victory. Winning the “hearts and mind” and loyalty of a people is the aim if the governing body wishes to administrate an effective and peaceful government. Implementing political, social, and economic reforms that fulfill local grievances are key strategies in gaining credibility among a population. Next, population control is important because this is the basis of a mobilization base for a governing group. Military action is the least effective in gaining support because the essence of winning an ideological war is through coercion, not brute force. Outcomes are determined primarily by the relative political competence and its ability to command loyalty and obedience and create cohesion and integrity. They must also be able to implement proper reforms that fix local grievances, the cause for civil war. Leaders must also act in the national interest, not self interest. Monetary and direct foreign intervention de-legitimizes the government. Case in point: the end of the Vietnam war – the
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PS_18 - 22 Chaim Kaufmann"Intervention in Ethnic and...

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