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23. Tony Smith. 1994. “In Defense of Intervention,” Foreign Affairs , 73 (6): 34-46. This article calls on President Clinton to provide a clear definition of the American self-interest in Haiti, and in other areas around the world in which military involvement could be used for humanitarian purposes, such as in Rwanda, Bosnia, etc. Smith argues that consolidation of democracy is the best option for US-Latin America relations. He states that promoting democracy abroad serves American national security in three ways: 1) encouraging oppressed people to dream of eventual emancipation channels nationalism in a favorable direction 2) Particular to Latin America (largely during Cold War): US thought democracy would bring stability instead of civil conflict, and thereby prevent rival powers from gaining ground by proxy 3) Expansion of democracy creates better relationships – increases possibility of better trade (ex. NAFTA) and the creation of economic prosperity reduces economic refugees to the US.
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Unformatted text preview: Smith writes that the Clinton Administration should show it can act forcibly in foreign affairs. He describes the current image of President Clinton as a President who, in backing down in Bosnia, led to successful resistance against American forces in Somalia and elsewhere. The arrival of large numbers of refugees from Haiti/Cuba is justification for US working to establish legitimate governments in those countries to control American borders. He emphasizes the importance of using multilateral institutions to do this. Historically, US has to see itself as ‘menaced’ in order to act, and even then it responds slowly. Americans are reluctant to become involved and need a clear mandate and call to action from the Presidency. Without public support, successful long-term, multilateral operations are difficult if not impossible. (Helen Smith)...
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