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24. Betts: The Delusion of Impartial Intervention Weighing in on one side of a local struggle undermines the legitimacy and effectiveness of outside involvement. There is no way to actually be impartial, because there will always be “good guys” and “Bad guys” – Bloom said this in class as well This made sense when the UN only did peacekeeping to monitor a cease-fire, but you can’t be an impartial peacemaker Uses example of former Yugoslavia. The US bombed Serbian forces, “impartially”. Betts says Clinton and the UN’s policy of limited involvement only strengthened a stalemate situation without helping resolve the conflict The only way to impartially intervene is to go in and take control with complete force and totally “overawe” the local competition The root issue of every war is “who rules when the fighting stops?” A war will not stop until this is
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Unformatted text preview: decided • Example of a time when the US did pick sides: Haiti, when the US supported Aristide. However, the main form of intervention was economic sanctions that only really hurt civilians. When the US military finally went in, they wavered with their decision to support one side, which hurt the mission Imperial Impartiality- “An active, harsh impartiality that overpowers both sides.” o Example: UN in Cambodia.- To make peace is to decide who rules afterward. If the situation isn’t clear enough to make this decision, then it’s not clear enough for intervention- Betts doesn’t think that intervention is hopeless or should be discouraged. He gives examples of Korea and Kuwait of interventions that went well....
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