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Educational Institutions (Lecture 7) *Education used to be a privilege; it was not open for everybody but just some rich people and their kids. *After the industrialization, it became open to everybody. *In modern societies, schools are open to public, but it is still not equal to everybody. A. Educational Institutions? Def: Social Organization responsible for transmission of knowledge, skills, beliefs, and values from one generation to another. Basically, it is not just a value that tells you how to write and read; it has an agenda that includes the entire regulations in the society that will transmit to the next generation. B. Informal Education through Socialization What is Socialization? The process of transmitting socially appropriate beliefs and behavior patterns to an individual. Socialization will transmit both good and bad things. Biological Bases of Socialization Instincts a. Sociologists tend to claim that everything people do is an instinct. We learn everything from each other. b. But actually, we do not have instincts, these are our social reflections. 1)
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Educational Institutions - Educational Institutions...

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