Political Institutions and Inequality

Political Institutions and Inequality - Political...

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Political Institutions and Inequality (Lecture 6) *Social Contract Theory: Society overtime created a binding for them, for self regulation. It is slowly, regulationally, important, and gradually. *In every society, power is dominated by rich people. They owned land and recourses. A. Political Institutions Def: An interrelated network or system of beliefs, activities organizations, and relationships that directs and regulates the collective functioning of a society or other organization. It is responsible for roles and regulation. It tends to create a society that is functional. Such nations like USA, Norway, UK, India When people look at the political institutions, they tend to look at the following things: 1. Beliefs: What are the beliefs as a society to create roles and regulations related to politics? In the USA, we tend to believe that democracy system is the right system for America. 2. Activities: associated with political process 3. Organization is created by system (White House) 4. Relationship among individual, leader and institution inner/outer relationship of each other. B. Emergence of Political Institutions Population Growth The population increase dramatically and it was not possible to control and regulate a large number of people through prior leadership role. So the leader changed. Urbanization and Cultural Heterogeneity Multiple cultures live together, when that kind of situation happens, it leads to the creation of the needs to protect everybody. Intensive Agriculture The needs for food increase with the growth of population Expanding more farmland to satisfy the needs for food. Intensive agriculture means to produce more and more food from the same land by using
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Political Institutions and Inequality - Political...

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