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RussianRev booknotes - 02/11/08 The Russian Revolution...

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02/11/08 The Russian Revolution (Chapter notes - McKay) Russian Revolution (1917) Russia patriotic enthusiasm Tsar Nicholas II vowed “never to make peace as long as the enemy stood on Russian soil” Artillery barrages used up Russia’s shells & ammunition German armies inflicted losses 1915 Russians sent to front without rifles find arms among dead Duma & organs of local govt. took lead special committees to coordinate Efforts improved military situation Problem = leadership tsar retained complete control over bureaucracy & army veto power Nicholas II wanted to maintain royal power Failed to form partnership with citizens Tsar on battlefield Rumor Rasputin = empress’s lover aristocracy killed him empress went into semi permanent shock March revolution = result of unplanned uprising of people Alenxander Kerensky agrarian socialist = prime minister by July 1917 Petrograd Soviet mass meeting of 2000-3000 workers, soldiers, & socialist intellectuals Army order No. 1 issued to all Russian military forces as provisional govt. was forming stripped officers of authority & placed power in hands of elected
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RussianRev booknotes - 02/11/08 The Russian Revolution...

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