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Name (Signature)_______________________________________Student ID _________________ 1 BIS 1B Midterm 2. Rosenheim and Kimsey ANSWER KEY Winter 2006 Questions 1-13: Multiple choice questions (4 points each; total 52 points) Select one best answer and mark SCANTRON form using a #2 pencil. Be sure to put your name and student ID on the SCANTRON (and circle the answer on the exam). 1. Many members of the Phylum Cnidaria have a life cycle that includes a. an alternation between a gonochoristic and hermaphroditic mode of reproduction b. an alternation between a sexual and an asexual mode of reproduction c. an alternation between a parasitic and a predatory life style d. intermediate and definitive hosts e. all of the above are true ANSWER: B 2. Which of the following is NOT a reason that coloniality might be favored in marine invertebrates: a. Colonies provide enhanced barriers to the spread of infectious disease agents b. Colonies provide opportunities for sharing of food resources c. Colonies make bigger animals, which are better competitors d. Colonies make bigger animals, which are better predators e. Colonies provide opportunities for specialization of form and function ANSWER: A 3. Members of the Phylum Platyhelminthes are flat because: a. parasites need to be flat in order in invade the tissues of their hosts b. flatworms lack protonephridia c. complex life cycles necessitate a hermaphroditic mode of reproduction d. they conduct all gas exchange by simple diffusion across their body wall e. they exhibit secondary bilateral symmetry ANSWER: D 4. The gut of an earthworm (Phylum Annelida, Class Oligochaeta) a. is lined with entoderm along its entire length b. is lined with mesoderm along its entire length c. functions as a gastrovascular cavity, thus contributing to circulation of nutrients d. is derived partially from ectoderm and partially from entoderm e. is a complex trait, and thus could not have evolved without a “functional shift” ANSWER: D 5. Critics of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection seized on the trait of insect flight, suggesting that: a. insect flight could never evolve by natural selection, because flight was non-adaptive b.
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mt2key1 - Name (Signature)_Student ID _ BIS 1B Midterm 2....

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