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BIS 1B Final. Rosenheim and Kimsey ANSWER KEY Winter 2004 Questions 1-25: Multiple choice questions (3 points each; total 75 points) Select one best answer and mark SCANTRON form using a #2 pencil. Be sure to put your name and student ID on the SCANTRON (and circle answer on the exam). 1. Which of the following was NOT a ‘hurdle’ that had to be overcome to establish the first theory of evolution a. Plato’s theory of essentialism, which emphasized the constancy and discontinuity of different forms b. Plato’s concept of the “great chain of being” or the scala naturae c. a view of the “tree of life” as having a branching structure d. the view of the earth as being young, and freshly created e. All of the above were hurdles to establishing a theory of evolution Answer: c 2. Mendel’s first law (particulate inheritance) implies that 3. Evolution by natural selection a. can operate only in infinite populations, where genetic drift is prevented b. cannot operate when ongoing mutation also produces large changes in allele frequencies c. can only operate with random mating d. cannot operate without variation in individual reproductive success e. cannot operate when there is extensive gene flow between adjacent populations Answer: d. 4. Which of the following is NOT a reason that antibiotics need to be prescribed and used with caution
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