PsychCh7BkQ - PsychCh7BkQ 29/02/2008 20:00:00 1. The mind...

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Unformatted text preview: PsychCh7BkQ 29/02/2008 20:00:00 1. The mind is a complex symbol-manipulating system through which info flows, like a computer info is encodedtaken in by the system and retained in symbolic form, recodingrevising into a more effective representation, and then decoding interpreting its meaning by comparing and combining it with other info in the system people use the info to make sense of their experiences and to solve problems 2. Store Model- the info processing system assumes w hole, or store info in three part of the mental system for processing -sensory register--- sight and sounds are represented directly and stored briefly work/short-term memwe actively apply mental strategies as we work on a limited amount of info central executive- directs the flow of info long term memory- our permanent knowledge base 3. networks show that gradual, internal learning often precedes changes in behavior that appear abrupt, or stage-like from the outside neural networks are initially weak, sufficient only to support looking reaching requires strong connections connectionists believe that the human cognitive system is a general processing device that gradually attains domain-specific competencies as a result of relevant learning opportunities 4. Case accepts Piagets stages but attributes change within each as well as movement from one stage to the next, to increases in working-mem cap. Each major stage involves distinct type of cognitive structurein infancy, sensory input and physical...
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PsychCh7BkQ - PsychCh7BkQ 29/02/2008 20:00:00 1. The mind...

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