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February 6 - ecofeminist reaction = that’s...

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February 6, 2008 Neither Man Nor Beast ecofeminism can be considered consequentialist consumption is experienced separately from production production is valued over maintenance “we are what we eat” don’t think about how we get our food don’t consider consequences tax monies go to making bovine growth hormone perpetuate cheapness of animals’ bodies as a food source (pg 94) Americans consume too much protein meat eating Tv focuses on animals in the wild rather than animals in “factory farms” out of sight, out of mind One life sustains another unnatural to be vegetarians Ontology recapitulates ideology essence of our being determines our ideology Passive voice diminishes argument “Someone kills animals so that I can eat them.” “Animals are killed so I can eat them” “meat animals” “meat” Using animal’s body that you kill = justification
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Unformatted text preview: ecofeminist reaction = that’s anthropocentric, not a justification • Sentience plants don’t suffer from being eaten. “if something suffers, don’t kill it.” – Peter Singer (deflection argument) • Feminists should incorporate vegetarianism theoretically and logically • “the personal is political” political change begins with you and your decisions gender blind analysis would ignore personal platforms + issues • feminized + animalized protein food based on lactation female animals and humans share lactation in common dairy products derived from production of milk = feminized/animalized protein • no neutral either eat meat or don’t • eating meat is not seen as political it’s personal life people compartmentalize • fatigue syndrome tired of dieting, food, fitness leave it all and just have your junk food •...
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