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INDV101 – Linguistics Test #2 Study Guide Things on the test: Lectures 9/19 to 10/31 Morphology (30 pts) Syntax/Semantics (30 pts) Pragmatics (10 pts) Short Answers (30 pts) Test Review Chavez 301 Mon 8-11:50am Extra Office Hours for PP4 Wednesday, 2-3pm Douglas 110 (TA Offices) Cooperative Principle- H.P. Grice - People cooperate when they talk o 4 parts Maxim of Quality- Don’t Lie
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Unformatted text preview: Maxim of Relation- Be Relevant Maxim of Quantity- Dont say too little, Dont say too much Maxim of Manner- be clear, be brief, be orderly Case- something that marks the role of the noun phrase. Morphological Processes--Prefixation- unhappy-Suffixation- cat(s)-Infixation- abso-freakin-lutely-Suppletion- good -> better-Morpheme change- foot -> feet-Blending- zorse, hebra...
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