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CLASSICS 221- STUDY GUIDE- FIRST EXAM The following terms and names should be useful to know for the first exam. You may not ask the instructor or teaching assistants for the meaning or significance of these terms. You are encouraged to form study groups. The exam may also have material upon it that is not directly related to the following list. Therefore, students should also review their class notes. The majority of the test will be directly related to this list. Aetiology- the study of causation, why things occur or how they act Apotheosis- glorification to a divine level, “to deify” Euhemerism- Euhmeris, method of interpretation, treats mythological accounts as a reflection of actual historical events shaped by retelling and traditional morals. Why did they worship the gods, Saint Isidore? Locus amoenus- a literary term which refers to a idealized place of safety or comfort. Usually a beautiful, shady lawn or open woodland. Sometimes referred to with Eden. Pleasant place, in meta. Is usually a site of violent and or destructive encounter. Here, the tranquil pool will be the scene of Narcissus's ironic "romantic tryst" with himself. Separation of the four elements Fire-weightless force (least dense) Air- more dense Earth- more lense, attracted larger particles Water- most dense, solid disc of liquid Gigantomachy- battle between the Olympian gods and the giants, Zeus and Alcyoneus - Jupiter incinerated 2 giants with lightning and they are turned into humans (cruelty and rebellion) - 1 idea of new creation of human race Four ages of mankind 1- golden age- harmonic, earth provided everything, pleasure, peace and contentment, 2- silver age- Saturn was overthrown by son Jupiter, seasoned introduced and caused men to seek shelter and harvest earth 3- bronze age- age of epics, Trojan war, 4- iron age- earth was realm of murder and mayhem, last of immortals fled,
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test 1 study guide - CLASSICS 221- STUDY GUIDE- FIRST EXAM...

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