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Minorities 2SHARE - Journalism 662 2nd Short Paper India...

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Journalism 662 2 nd Short Paper India Day; Just Hin- Du It. As the ethnic music, brightly colored attire, and wafting scent of curry strongly proclaimed to all those in eye, ear, or nose-shot, Saturday September 8 th was India Day on library mall. This was a day for Madisonians of “South Asian” 1 descent to congregate on Library Mall and celebrate their heritage in a manner that also served to educate onlookers 2 . That heartwarming sound bite aside, India Day helped to prove that the stereotypes of Indians that we as outsiders hold… are considerably more accurate than most of the stereotypes we hold about other ethnic minorities living in the United States. My experience with India Day was watching a lot of stereotypes be confirmed 3 . Firstly, Indians, particularly women, often wear brightly colored toga/gowns known as saris; no argument on that one. Secondly, the women sometimes wear a jeweled dot on their forehead known as a bindi to denote marital status, or simply because it looks pretty nowadays; again, confirmed. Thirdly, Indian cuisine prominently features curry; three eye-watering hours later, I can give that a big old ‘yes’. Suffice it to say that having studied Indian theatre in college, combined with having been taught by three separate professors of Indian descent, I found India Day on
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Minorities 2SHARE - Journalism 662 2nd Short Paper India...

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