A Midwife�s Tale

A Midwife�s Tale - A Midwife's Tale: Book Review...

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A Midwife’s Tale: Book Review 2/21/08 Chris Horney A Midwife’s Tale sheds a new light on what exactly women’s roles were in the
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18th century and how important to the community they were, which is in strict contrast with how women’s roles are portrayed in history. While this is an individuals diary, it is a testament of how women were treated and the social norms regarding their behavior as well as men’s . There are very few accounts of women’s lives during this time of American history, and even fewer accounts so detailed. The story clearly focuses on the female view of American life in opposition to almost every other account that displays the male voice. Laural Ulrich clearly connected with Martha Ballard and the story she portrayed through her diary. The writing displays a connection between the author and the subject because of the fact that Martha was relied on so heavily to run the house and also be a vital part in the community. The main conclusion that one could come to for Ulrich to write the story the way she did is that she wanted to showcase a something we all know very well, a story of the plight of the 18 Century woman, in a brand new way. This is
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A Midwife�s Tale - A Midwife's Tale: Book Review...

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