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Minorities 4SHARE - October 25th, 2007 J662: 4th Short...

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October 25 th , 2007 J662: 4 th Short Paper Taking Diversity Down With You: The Problem with the Affirmative Re-Action The regrettable (though please recall, excused) lateness of this paper must be attributed to the lack of Wi-Fi on the Vegas Strip. That said, this paper is more than worth the wait, and, I can assure you, will rock your socks off with it’s brilliance. Now that I’ve built what can only seem like undue suspense, I can hit you with my thesis. While credible issues of race and tension within America’s newsrooms do exist, race has been abused as a “smokescreen” in some of the biggest newspaper scandals of our time. We begin with the required article 1 . My first response at reading this article was one of satisfaction with what I felt seemed like a good first step in combating racial prejudice. The Beacon Journal had created a newsroom whose ethnic composition was comparable to that of the metropolis it served, and Mr. Chancellor and Mr. Dyer had produced an exposé on racial attitudes that was more than worthy of the Pulitzer it received. Subsequently, the story of these two friends seemed to decay as if part of an E! True Hollywood Story . Mr. Chancellor’s inflamed response to a white District of Columbia official’s use of the word “niggardly” in a press conference and subsequent denial of any racial significance to the comment seemed to defy logic and common sense. He lashed out in his column, alleging that, “the use of the word niggardly was calculated… It was a sophomoric, smart-alecky and cowardly way to deliver an insult through the back door.” 2 While some might think that my belief that Chancellor over-reacted, and expressed undue paranoia to believe the comment had malicious 1 Canedy, Dana.“The Hurt Between the Lines” The New York Times 29 June 2000 2 taken from the article, not Chancellor’s column, which is nowhere to be found online
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intent stems from my being white, a more informed explanation might be that I’m actually from DC. Rest assured, nowhere was this controversy more hyped or drawn out than inside America’s favorite Beltway. As director of the District’s Office of Public Advocate, David Howard 3 used the word “niggardly” in a conversation about funding. What Chancellor overlooked were two crucial facts. Firstly, this was not someone speaking to the good people of
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Minorities 4SHARE - October 25th, 2007 J662: 4th Short...

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