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1-15-08 - Chapter 1 A View of Life 1 Zoology the study of...

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1-15-08 Chapter 1 – A View of Life 1. Zoology – the study of animals 2. Unifying themes a. Hierarchy of Organization – characteristic of life i. Biological organization based on hierarchy of structural levels ii. Atom<molecule<organelle<cell<tissue<organ<organ system<organism<population<community<ecosystem<biome<bio sphere b. Acquire materials and energy – animals require the input of energy to maintain organization c. Respond to Environment – abiotic + biotic = ecosystem d. Reproduction and Development i. produce another individual of the same kind ii. progressive change throughout an organism’s life iii. Genes 1. Common genetic blueprint (DNA) 2. biological instruction for organism’s structure e. Evolution – populations of organisms change over time i. Alfred Wallace inspired Darwin and contributed to theory ii. As a result of descent with modification iii. Proposed natural selection, which differed from previous ideas
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