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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon UNFAIR UNIOR LABOR PRACTICE The Greater Nanticoke Area Teachers Union is planning to file an “unfair labor practice charge’ against the school. They are unhappy with some of the school board member’s comments. They are also upset because a school board meeting member, Robert Raineri said that he was going to have a public meeting to resolve some issues and expose everything. The teachers are unfair with this because of Act 195, a bargaining law requires that the employer, Robert Rainier, to deal with the union. Jane Brubaker, “the teachers’ Pennsylvanian State Education Association representative” said, “When management say’s, “We want to go around you, directly to your members’”
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Unformatted text preview: that violates the law” Another member said that if Raineri wants to have to have his own public meeting to discuss and better the quality of the education he can do that, “but he can’t talk about the contract negotiations.” Personally I believe that if you want to hold a public meeting then you should include your members and get their opinions on whether it’s a good choice to do so or not. I mean it’s not that big of a hassle to ask a couple questions to get people’s opinion on a subject. I mean a simple way of doing so, would to just ask your members to raise their hands for yae or nay simple as that. If it’s less then half majority saying “yae” then you should be ok doing so....
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