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American Red Cross Glenn Kirkpatrick March 28, 2008 Professor Canada BUS10101J Famous Business Company History Report BUS 101 Introduction to Business Ivy Tech Community College – Region 10
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Have you ever wondered where a great majority of the relief and supplies that you see over on the front lines and during the recovery efforts after natural disasters comes from? A lot of it comes from a foundation called the American Red Cross Association. It all started with a Swiss businessman by the name of Henry Dunant. He witnessed a battle in 1859 just north of an Italian town called Solferino, with the count of 40,000 dead and wounded. After witnessing that battle he decided that there needed to be a relief organization that would be able to attend to the needs of the soldiers that were in serious condition, wounded, or just injured. So he started the Red Cross Movement. The actual American Red Cross Association was started by Clara Barton. She was born on December 25, 1812, to parents Stephen Barton and Sally Stone. During the Civil War, Clara Barton a nurse during the battle, had earned herself the nickname “Angle of the Battle Field,” because she was always no matter what the conditions were on the battlefield, even if it was raining bullets, be out on the front lines addressing soldiers and attending to their every need. During the year of 1881 Clara Barton successfully started the American Red Cross Association. After the civil war was over and done with, C. Barton petitioned for an American version of the International Red Cross. She also lobbied for the United States Congress to sign the Geneva Convention. She was highly successful. The American Red Cross was founded in 1881 and the United States Congress formally approved the Geneva Convention in 1882. Clara Barton then became president of the America Red Cross while leading the association for the next 23
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American Red Cross - American Red Cross Glenn Kirkpatrick...

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