30 day experiment - someone and that it can’t hurt a...

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Glenn Kirkpatrick COM-102 30 DAY EXPERIMENT This “30 Day Experiment” helped some of my relationships with my friends and family grow for the better. I am not going to lie; I did not compliment somebody every day. I said things from you look good today to you’re an amazing person. Some people had actually come up to me and have asked me what is making you do this. “Why have you been acting differently lately” one my friends said. I told him that I wasn’t acting any differently than I normally would. Some people actually lashed out at me because they thought that I didn’t mean it, or someone put me up to it. I realized that it only takes about a minute each day to compliment
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Unformatted text preview: someone and that it can’t hurt a relationship it can only help one grow, if it does hurt a relationship than that person was never really your friend. I plan on complimenting someone each day. I know that I will probably forget to do it sometimes. I am going to plan on complementing someone at least once a week, because I want to improve some of my relationships. Complimenting someone is just the first step to do advance your bonds with people. Even if you compliment a complete stranger that you see on the street that looks like they are having a bad day, doing so just might make their day that much better....
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30 day experiment - someone and that it can’t hurt a...

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