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GLENN KIRKPATRICK COM-102 MONDAYS IPC PROJECT My parents and I don’t have the best relationship. We always seem to be arguing about the simplest things that don’t really matter in life. For example, the other day my mom asked to me come and empty the dish washer and load the dirty dishes into it, I told her that I was coming to do it. About 15 seconds later she’s yelling at me telling me to get my a** down here or she’s taking my car away. It also seems that she’s always finding the miscellaneous things that don’t look right to provoke me into an argument, therefore making me the one that started the yelling. I mean its stuff like this that we can fix. I have been told a saying to think about whenever I get into an argument. “Is it really going to affect your life in 10 years?” A lot of the things that we argue about won’t.
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Unformatted text preview: Of course my dad backs her up on everything that she says, even if he doesnt thinks its right or true. I believe its because he has no backbone. So whenever something comes up which usually happens we get something to eat, he always backs her up on her decisions, which isnt right. He needs to stand up for what he believes, and tell her when shes out of line. I know that this isnt all my moms fault. I can be more patient and just listen to her when shes yelling at me and to not yell back, just be calm about it and agree with her, making her realize that she didnt need to blow up. So its going to take both of us to make this relationship work....
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